Founded in Silicon Valley in 2009, APsystems was the world’s second-biggest supplier of micro-inverters in 2014 according to IHS and GTM. APsystems is one of the world’s leaders in the development, production and sales of solar micro-inverter systems, with over 250 MW of installed power in over 80 countries at the end of 2015.

Based on a semiconductor technology protected by over 44 patents, APsystems offers a wide range of micro-inverters including the YC500I and the YC1000-3, the first three-phase micro-inverter in the world. APsystems’ products are designed to last 25 years, and are guaranteed for 20.

YC500 micro-inverter

– Economical: one micro-inverter for two photovoltaic modules (each module is managed independently by two x MPPT)
– Powerful: up to 310 Wp for each photovoltaic module
– Monitoring: PLC and free monitoring

– For residential and tertiary applications
– Compatible with 60- and 72-cell modules
– Micro-inverter with pre-programmed VDE 126-1-1/A1 network profile as standard (plug & play)

YC1000-3 three-phase micro-inverter

– Very economical: one micro-inverter for up to four photovoltaic modules (with monitoring for each module)
– Powerful: the only native three-phase micro-inverter in the world (with automatic phase balancing) and up to 310 Wp for each photovoltaic module
– Monitoring: ZigBee communication and free monitoring

– For tertiary and residential (Switzerland) applications
– Flexible: up to 48 photovoltaic modules per 20 A circuit
– Micro-inverter with pre-programmed VDE 126-1-1/A1 network profile as standard (plug & play)

ECU communication gateway

– Monitoring the energy generated by each photovoltaic module
– Time saving: no additional cabling, layout plan preparation and micro-inverter serial number scanning via the Array App®

EMA monitoring software

– Monitoring and analysis of photovoltaic energy generation and savings in real time
– Professional features: remote configuration, layout, monitoring and maintenance of the system
– App for professionals and private individuals available on iOS and Android

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