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Water heating is the second-biggest energy cost in the home.
Offer your customers alternative hot water solutions that are greener and more economical: thermodynamic boilers and solar thermal tanks.
In photovoltaic self-consumption systems, your hot water system can provide thermal energy storage and increase your autonomy.

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Thermodynamic boilers

We offer several ranges of thermodynamic boilers (monobloc or split) that can adapt to new-build and renovation projects. Our thermodynamic boilers are compact and silent and adapt to all requirements (80 to 500 litres) to guarantee added comfort for your customers.
Thermodynamic boilers are eligible for financial support in many countries (CITE tax credits and VAT at 5.5% in France).
Maximise the energy savings with high-performance products: a thermodynamic boiler can save up to 70% on energy bills compared with a conventional water heater.

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Solar thermal tanks

Using the sun’s rays to heat water can cut your water heating bills by two thirds. The solar thermal tank is a green, economical way of producing hot water in both new-build and renovation projects.

Solar thermal tanks are eligible for financial support in many countries (CITE tax credits in France).

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We can suggest many accessories to complete your hot water installations: ducts, flues, supports, steam traps, filters, condensation traps, drainage tubes, heating cable, piping.

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