Founded in 2009, G2 Mobility is the leader in smart charging solutions and an expert in charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. It offers charging terminals and an OCPP supervision and energy management system adapted to all types of environment. The company’s customers include local authorities, local energy suppliers, private companies and major real estate companies.

Drawing on its expertise, G2 Mobility supports its customers with a wide range of services.

All its charging terminals and supervision systems are manufactured in France.

– ZE Ready and EV Ready labels: compatible with most electric and hybrid vehicles on the market
– Robust waterproof solutions
– Smart, controllable terminal with intuitive interface

– Uses: fleets, car parks, home, roadside
– Single-phase and three-phase
– Indoor or outdoor installation, wall or ground mounting
– Column with or without locking door to protect the sockets
– Normal or fast charging
– Power ratings: 3.7 to 22 kW
– Made in France

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