K2 Systems is a leader in the photovoltaic field. Its mounting systems have been designed by the company’s development department since 2004 and are produced in a spirit of continuous development. Over 6 GW of equipment from K2 Systems has already been sold in 115 countries worldwide.

K2’s systems are certified by independent organisations with labels such as ETN for France and CE, MCS and UL for other countries. Each system is covered by a 12-year guarantee.

For self-consumption, K2 Systems offers a full range of high-quality aluminium and stainless steel systems suited to pitched roofs, flat roofs and ground-mounted installations.


– For integration on sheet metal roofs


– For integration on slates, Flemish pantiles, flat tiles


– Double-sided flat roof integration
– Installation in two directions, 10° angle


– Single-sided flat roof integration
– 10° angle for south-facing orientation

S-Rock 15°

– Flat roofs, grass roofs or ground mounting
– Inclination at 10 to 45°

Triangle / Multi Angle

– Flat roofs, grass roofs or ground mounting
– Inclination at 10 to 45°


– Portrait or landscape orientation
– East-west orientation
– Compatible with most ground types
– 1 leg

A-Rack / P-Rack

– small ground mounted projects and off-grid systems
– 15°, 20° and 25° elevations
– Components pre-assembled: ready to assemble
– All necessary connectors, small components, universal module clamps are included

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