A French specialist in designing and producing LED lighting solutions since 2008, Lucibel concentrates on the professional market, where its solutions provide maximum value in use. Lucibel offers economic, innovative solutions to shops, cafés, hotels, restaurants, offices, industry and public authorities.

In addition to technical performance and energy efficiency, Lucibel also designs specific custom solutions and applications that go well beyond just lighting. Lucibel Pro products have all seen their performance increase. This is particularly true of the LuciPanel Evo range, the best-performing panel on the market.

Lucibel designs custom products tailored to your requirements: dimensions, power, colours, accessories, assembly etc.

– Wide choice of LED lighting: panels, panels with custom screen printing, inset, floor, spotlights on rails, battens, tubes, industrial frameworks, downlights, ribbon lighting, aluminium profiles, flame lamps…
– French production (factory in Normandy)
– Long life
– LiFi by Lucibel: alternative to Wi-Fi for intelligent, connected lighting

Puissances disponibles : 14 à 200 W
Modèles : LuciPanel, LuciCup, PowerLight, Tubular, LuciBay, LuciFlora…
Accessoires : cadres, filins de suspension, collerette, drivers etc.

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