SolarEdge, the world leader in the sector of DC power optimisers, offers electronic modules for solar energy collection and supervision systems designed for solar photovoltaic installations in the commercial, residential and tertiary markets. The SolarEdge product range includes power optimisers, a module optimisation and supervision web portal and photovoltaic inverters specially adapted to work with power optimisers.

Its products are manufactured in Europe and the company has a presence in over 91 countries. SolarEdge has sold over 11 million optimisers worldwide and over 450,000 inverters.

Single-phase inverter

– High-performance: yield greater than 97.6%
– Reliable: 12-year guarantee as standard (extensible to 25 years)
– Robust: IP65

– Power ratings: 2 to 6 kW
– Single-phase
– Internet communication (Ethernet and RS485 as standard, Wi-Fi and GSM as options)

Three-phase inverter

– High-performance: module-by-module optimisation with yield increased to 99.5% (up to 25% increase in generation)
– Reliable: 25-year guarantee as standard
– Convenient: maintenance and supervision for individual photovoltaic modules

– Power ratings: 4 to 27.6 kW
– Three-phase
– Internet communication (Ethernet or Zigbee wireless)
– Compatible with all the panels on the market: monocrystalline, polycrystalline, high-performance photovoltaic panels, thin-film…
– Light: 45 kg for a 27.6 kW inverter

– High-performance: yield increased to 99.5% (up to 25% increase in output power)
– Reliable: 25-year guarantee
– Convenient: maintenance and supervision for individual modules

– Power ratings: 300 to 700 W
– Compatible with 60- to 96-cell modules

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