MyLight Systems is a French manufacturer of smart solar self-consumption systems. Its innovative solution enables all users to maximise their local consumption of photovoltaic energy and minimise their electricity bills.

Complementing a new or existing solar self-consumption installation, the MyLight Systems solution boosts its performance to achieve up to 70% autonomy in residential applications and 85% in tertiary applications.

Designed for installers, MyLight Systems is an easy-to-install all-in-one solution. Installers can monitor their MyLight Systems installations via their professional interface.

SMU and smartplugs

– Solution designed for installers, saving up to 50% on electricity bills
– All-in-one: energy consumption meter, photovoltaic generation meter, water heating controller, factory-pre-cabled electrical cabinet, electrical protection
– Easy, quick installation (plug and play): same installation time as a conventional electrical cabinet

– PLC (power line communications)
– Single-phase or three-phases
– Centralised inverter or micro-inverter
– Up to 36 kVA (custom for tertiary)

MYL 2.0 software licence

– Real-time self-consumption performance monitoring
– Manual control and programming of electrical devices, heating, hot water
– GreenPlay: automatic programming of electrical devices, heating, hot water

Monthly or annual licence and lifetime licence including algorithm updates
Software accessible via the MYL 2.0 mobile app for Android and iOS

Heating management

– Room-by-room temperature management to suit your needs
– Savings of up to 70% on electricity bills
– Greater comfort and economy

– electric heating,
– air-water heat pump,
– hot water circuit,
– oil, gas or wood boilers

Air conditioning management

– Remote air conditioning control through a single interface
– Fine temperature control
– Greater comfort and economy

Compatible with all types of remote-control air conditioning units displaying air conditioning parameters (e.g. mode, temperature and speed setting).

Peripheral management unit

– Management for heavy consumers: pool heat pump, charging terminal etc.
– PLC technology: no additional cabling, no harmful waves
– Plug & play installation

Monitoring solution

– Real-time monitoring of energy generation, consumption and performance
– Data log in the MYL 2.0 software
– Option of combining the solution with a three-phase modular controller to control hot water

Consists of a bidirectional PLC current meter with three current transformers for independent measurements and a PLC SmartPlug Master

Additional smartplugs

– SmartPlug Control: remote control and programming for electrical devices
– SmartPlug Ethernet: remote control and programming for electrical devices over an Ethernet link
– PLC technology: no additional cabling, no harmful waves