Canadian Solar is a leader in the solar market with 15 years of experience in the careful design and production of photovoltaic modules.

Canadian Solar produces high-yield solar cells and modules, photovoltaic installations and solutions for off-grid solar operations. Canadian Solar conducts rigorous quality tests to guarantee the performance and strength of its photovoltaic modules.

With over 15 GW installed worldwide since 2001, Canadian Solar is one of the most bankable companies in the solar field. The company has been NASDAQ listed since 2006 and supplies over 30 countries worldwide.

CS6K range

– 25-year guarantee on linear power output
– Strength: tempered glass, resists snow loads of up to 5400 Pa
– Excellent low-irradiance performance: 96.5%

Power ratings available:
CS6K-P  : 265 Wp
CS6K-M: 285 Wp

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