Daikin, founded in 1924 in Japan, has been designing and producing heating and air conditioning systems for nearly 90 years to improve thermal comfort in industrial, tertiary and residential buildings. Daikin solutions are among the most innovative and best-performing in their sector while maintaining a low impact on the environment.

Daikin, the European leader in heating and air conditioning, offers the widest range of solutions on the market and also develops connected products: nearly all its split units now offer a Wi-Fi option.

Daikin acquired Rotex in 2008 and draws on the expertise and technical skills of its teams to offer a range of solar thermal water heaters to be combined with heating systems.


– Comfort and performance (up to A+++ label)
– Silent operation
– Wide choice of indoor units
– 2 ranges of indoor units: BluEvolution (R-32) and R410A

– Outdoor units from 2 to 7 kW

– 8 outdoor units from 4 to 9 kW
– 2 to 5 indoor units

Indoor units: 28 programming ranges, Wi-Fi option
– wall-mounted (Ururu Sarara, Emura, Eco Performance, Comfort)
– consoles (radiant, dual flow, Flexi)
– ductable (extra-flat ducting)


– Outdoor units from 6 to 22 kW
– 2 to 4 indoor units: Twin, Triple, reversible Double Twin
– Indoor units: cassettes, ductable, consoles, ceiling-mounted, wall-mounted

Monobloc, split and hybrid heat pump

– Heating only or reversible
– New-build, boiler back-up or renovation
– Single-phase or three-phase

Low temperature:
– Split from 4 to 16 kW
– Monobloc from 4 to 16 kW

High temperature:
– Split from 11 to 44 kW

– 5 and 8 kW

Compatible with water heaters, solar thermal, cooling.

Altherma Flex VRV

– Flexibility: heating, cooling, hot water
– Wide operating range
– Up to 80°C at -20°C, 100% thermodynamically
– Up to 10 indoor units for one outdoor unit

– Outdoor units from 10 to about 500 kW
– Indoor units from 5 to 16 kW

Split thermodynamic water heater

– Light and easy to handle: polypropylene tank
– Semi-instantaneous heat generation: no anode required
– Compact: same footprint as a washing machine

Storage tank capacity:
– 300 L (family of 1 to 5 people)
– 500 L (family of 1 to 7 people)

Outdoor inverter unit: 2.2 kW

Solar option available

Solar thermal tanks

– Hot water or heating
– Stainless steel or enamel storage tank
– Sanicube: heat storage for large volumes (500 litres) of water to use the hot water later

– Solar integration: roof-mounted, integrated or flat roof
– Self-draining or pressurised solar system
– Hydricube solar tank
– Thermodynamic water heater: split 300 or 500 litres

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