CS Wismar is a German manufacturer of photovoltaic panels and a global pioneer in glass-glass technology.

Backed up by the CentroSolar factories acquired in 2014, CS Wismar guarantees high-yield photovoltaic generation via a wide range of modules. The quality and reliability of their photovoltaic modules result from many years of experience, which is why they offer 30-year product and yield guarantees to ensure optimum security for your investment.

Professional Glass Glass M60 and P60

– Reliability: 30-year linear yield guarantee, 20-year product guarantee
– Robustness and long life: tempered scratch-resistant glass, mechanical strength of up to 5,400 Pa
– Glass-glass technology

– Extended product guarantee of 30 years
– Total protection insurance for all the components of the solar installation

Power ratings available
– M60 black monocrystalline 275 Wp
– P60 polycrystalline 270 Wp

Finishes available
– Balance finish: transparent rear surface
– Smart finish: white rear surface
– Black finish: black rear surface

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