Systovi is a french designer and manufacturer of innovative multi energy solutions for home which help to improve the overall energy performance of buildings. They are intended for residential, tertiary, agricultural and industrial applications.

The company is a pionneer in new benchmark technologies such as aerovoltaic.

R-Volt Systovi

– Double sided effect: production of photovoltaic electricity and space heater
– More comfort with the EcoBoost mode: +5°C
– High efficient photovoltaic cells, cooled by the air flow

– Power rating available: MonoBlack 250 Wc
– Superimposition or total integration

R-Sun Systovi

Space heating during winter
– Double air flow: the R module mixes the ambiant air with the new to renew the place
– Cooling during summer (at night, until -4°c of difference with the outside temperature)

– Total integration

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