Enphase Energy, an American company founded in 2006, is now the world leader in the manufacture of micro-inverters for the solar industry. Its solution offers the best innovations in power electronics, networks and web software to make solar systems more efficient and intelligent.
The Enphase Energy solution presents four significant advantages:
– Productivity increase: up to 25%
– Proven reliability: 20-year guarantee
– Electrical safety: 100% very low voltage DC circuit
– Intelligent installation and management: Enlighten surveillance and monitoring system

With its fourth-generation inverters, Enphase is continuing its tradition of innovation in power, efficiency and reliability.

M215 & M250 micro-inverters

– 25% more productivity compared with a centralised inverter
– 95.7% yield
– 20-year guarantee

Compatible with all 60-cell modules
Sizes available:
– M215 micro-inverter
– M250 micro-inverter: optimised for high-power panels

Envoy-S gateway

Communication gateway (bidirectional) for monitoring micro-inverters
– Intelligence: production data and updates available online
– Simplicity: plug and play
– Energy consumption measurement: Envoy-S Metered model

Data package for systems including up to 60 micro-inverters
Detects up to 600 micro-inverters

Engage cable

– Quick installation: integrated connectors adapted for micro-inverters, no additional cables
– Safety: no high-voltage DC

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