DualSun is a French manufacturer with the ambition to play an active role in reducing the energy consumption of buildings.

DualSun offers a competitive solar solution that provides local supplies of the main everyday energy uses: hot water and electricity. DualSun has developed a unique two-in-one solar panel that produces solar thermal hot water and photovoltaic electricity at the same time.

DualSun Wave & DualSun Flash

DualSun Wave :
– Hybrid solar panel: solar photovoltaic and solar thermal
– Heat exchanger built into the panel for better heat transfer: stagnation temperature of 74.7°C
– High-yield photovoltaic cells cooled by water circulation

DualSun Flash :
– Photovoltaic panel compatible with the DualSun Wave for more electrical power

Power ratings available:
– Monoblack 250 Wp photovoltaic module
– 912 Wth solar panel