Samsung, the leader in the air conditioning and heating market, is in seventh place in the Interbrand world ranking of the most powerful international brands.

Samsung is committed to designing innovative solutions that meet the requirements of the 2020 thermal regulations: heating, air conditioning, hot water, ventilation and control systems. Technological solutions that maintain the comfort and energy performance of the home.

Thanks to its many R&D centres, Samsung offers reliable, high-performance products using advanced technology to respond to the energy performance challenges of the home.


– Air purifier (Virus Doctor)
– Silent operation
– Wi-Fi control as standard (AR7500 and AR5500)

– Indoor units from 2.5 to 6.8 kW: floor-standing column, wall-mounted, console
– Outdoor units from 4 to 10 kW: 2 to 5 outputs
– Indoor units from 1.6 to 6.8 kW (wall-mounted, consoles, cassettes, ductable)


– Compact and silent
– Flexible installation
– Optional Wi-Fi control
– Up to 95% of power maintained at -10°C

Single-phase or three-phase

Indoor units from 2.6 to 22 kW
– 2 to 4 indoor units: Twin, Tri, Quadri
– Models: Mistral, cassettes, ductable, convertible, ceiling-mounted.

Outdoor units from 2.6 to 20 kW

Monobloc, split and hybrid heat pump

– Heating, hot water, cooling
– High performance: 90% at -10°C
– High seasonal COP of up to 5.1 (EHS split)

– Single-phase or three-phase

– Power ratings:
– EHS monobloc: 5 to 14 kW
– EHS split: 5 to 15 kW

EHS hybrid:
– Outdoor units from 7 to 15.6 kW
– Hydraulic modules from 7 to 15kW
– Indoor units from 2.5 to 7 kW (wall-mounted, ductable)

Compatible with water heaters, solar thermal, air-air heat pumps (EHS hybrid)


– High energy yield in heating mode at negative temperatures
– Up to 26 indoor units connected to a single DVM-S Eco outdoor unit
– Maximum of 80 indoor units (DVM-S 2 and 3 tubes)

– Single-phase or three-phase
– Outdoor units from 4 to 90 HP
– Indoor units: cassettes, ductable, consoles, convertible, wall-mounted, ceiling-mounted from 1.5 to 28 kW
– Hydraulic kit from 16 to 50 kW

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